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Introducing SandBoxer

The 100% Fully Automated Solution for Refreshing Production Environments

Our application takes the pain away from the process in a secure safe manner. With Sand Boxer you can: 

  • Seamlessly Copy the production Environment to a Test Environment
    • This environment can be on the same machine or remote
  • The configurations are all updated via the command line parameters 
  • Run on Demand from GUI or Generate a batch script that can be scheduled
    • Generate a secure encrypted batch script to run
    • Generate an individually parametrized batch script to run
  • Syteline/CSI supported add-on modules:
    • APS
    • DocTrak
    • Factory Track
    • Shop Trak
    • Product Life Cycle Management Support (PLM)
    • Configurator
    • Tax Interface
    • Credit Card Interface
    • EDI
    • SMTP
    • Inventory
  • A backup of the current dev environment can also be backed up as part of the process before the restore takes place
    • This ensures that any development work in the sand box environment can be retained and reviewed. 
    • This saves the day for any developer who forgot to backup their code or form 
  • Secure Encryption
  • Configuration Manager Override functionality allows the flexibility to only restore what you want and link to the Forms and Objects that you require
  • Convert from Multi-Site to Single Site Development environment
  • Create induvial INI files so you can save different settings and load them easily for different sites or options

The Simple Source way…

Save time

Sand Boxer will save you countless hours and allow you test against the latest data set which is an invaluable tool to stress test a new idea or concept.

Work smarter

It is a critical tool for all CSI/Syteline database administrators or developers toolbox. It allows you to stay on other tasks and not worry if the development environment is up to date.

We use our own software.

Simple Source understands the needs of our customers because we are developers ourselves and have worked with CSI/Syteline for over two decades. We continue to build tools for ourselves as well as you, the developer. We use our own tools every day and are constantly adding features to make it better.

Your feedback, implemented.

Feedback is critical to making our product better with each release. We are always looking forward to feed back so please fire away!

Saving the best part for last…

1-4 Servers

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5-10 Servers

$1000 each
(One time fee)

11+ Servers

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