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No brainer… read for why:

Eliminate hours of tweaking, scripting, licensing and fixing your development and training environments. Get back to things that matter.

Get your money back 100% after only a few uses!

Get it done right – every time.

Don’t stress about all the tasks that need to be completed. We do them for you. Replication Triggers, setting the proper Forms/Objects database names, ensuring APS site references are properly called and we also make sure that the proper scripts are applied to set the DB to the correct trustworthy level and much more…

We’ve seen the average database refresh sometimes takes 4-6 hours to complete after all licenses have been applied, post-restore scripts completed, and updates made to the newly refreshed development environment configuration.

The average employee that is capable of performing these operations will be no less than $85 USD per hour, while time spent by your database administrator and possibly Infor professional services only adds to this cost and introduces more opportunities for a mistake to occur.

A single host license for Sand Boxer is currently priced at an introductory rate of only $1200, so you can automate your process to have it be performed as quickly and consistently as possible each and every time.

This means that after only a few runs of Sand Boxer you will already have justified the purchase of this software.

We have been doing this for nearly 25 years. We have built our software around tools that we ourselves use. We were the customer, so we know your struggle. We understand that Infor might not always give you the TLC you deserve, and channel partners are only looking to rack up hours. So, arm yourself with a tool and remove the middleman!

Now that we all agree, let’s take a look under the hood….

Setting the production environment is a very easy process as you are stepped through the process one text box at a time.

The source backup path can be an iSCSI drive, NFS mount or classic windows share that can be shared through SSMS.

Don’t know how to do that or what we are talking about?

No problem we will help you!

You can specify the databases you want to backup/restore. This allows you to only backup/restore the application database.

This is a great option for when you are testing out costing scenarios and want the latest dataset.

In the development tab, we can specify the destination of our development server and the database names that should be used.

When you perform a backup of the destination database before it is over-written, it ensures that any development work that has not yet been pushed to production will be retained in a backup. This path follows the same rules as the source path and can iSCSI, NFS or classic windows share.

Here you can also specify the config name for Syteline/CSI Configuration Manager.

This is great if you are using the same username and password for all three databases because you will only have to set this once.

Running Factory Track and would like to refresh these databases?

No sweat, we got you covered.

Sand Boxer allows for all FT databases to be backed up and configuration to be updated.

This gives you the flexibility of keeping your development environment fully operational for all forms of testing down to the factory handhelds.

Set your Syteline/CSI license file path on the server. It is applied after the restoration of the development environment.

Installed Syteline/CSI in a non-default directory? You can set that in the SandBoxer configuration, too.

You can specify your report server if you are still using SSRS to fully support versions 8, 9 & 10.

You can also disable backup tasks from running on the new development to avoid any unwanted data changes.

The Post-Restore SQL script is one of the most powerful features of the software.

This will allow you to run any script you wish after the run is complete. We can trigger anything you want! We at SSE are here to help with any custom coding requirements you may have. There is a very good chance we have done it before.

Want to point at a different objects database or set of forms you want to test out?

Yup, we thought of that too!

Sand Boxer allows you to override the Configuration Manager with whatever parameters you wish.

Ever forget to update the planning server details and get an unwanted run of test data against a live environment or vice versa?


Sand Boxer allows you to set the APS parameters to be updated after the restore.

Simple but important…

If you are using DocTrak then you may want to backup and restore the polling DB.

When this is specified the DT parameters will automatically be updated after the restore is complete. We also give you the ability to customize the URLs.

The Infor Product Life Cycle Management module is also supported by Sand Boxer

It will perform a backup operation and restore each of the configured databases and then make all of the required DB calls for updating post restore.

Can you see how the time adds up when this is not being done by an automated tool?

Sand Boxer also supports the Infor Configurator module

It will perform a backup operation backup and restore each of the configured databases as required and then make all the necessary DB calls for updating the environment post-restore.

The events, queue and model DBs are all then synchronized to the new environment.

ION must already be installed and configured before using Configurator features.

Sand Boxer also supports the Tax Interface module

Tax files and API’s on the development environment will be updated after the restore.

Vertex Q, Vertex O, Avatax and Taxware Enterprise are fully supported.

Sand Boxer supports the Credit Card Interface module as well, these settings can be pointed at the development API RL’s and servers

Hypercom, Intrix, T-Gate, CenPOS and Bridgepay are the major interface modules within Syteline /Infor CSI.

You can also use a custom external resource that is not listed

EDI is a critical to any business who uses it. Take control of your inbound and outbound data. The ability to have this refreshed to the proper locations makes for seamless testing of your EDI data.

X12/EDIFACT inbound and outbound directories are supported along with archival and full logging.

SMTP parameters can modified to send to an internal mail server to block any emails from reaching and external source.

Avoid sending out old invoices or other documentation by setting the proper SMTP parameters

Inventory Parameters can be adjusted to reflect the correct BOM import directory and label templates

Avoid sending the wrong BOM structure to production or using incorrect label formats in your development environment

What are you waiting for? Reach out to us today to find out more about how we can help you to simply and effectively automate these processes!